Earliest Members of the Century Association

The Century Association Biographical Archive (CABA) is a scholarly resource designed to make the Century’s archival documentation about the club’s founders and earliest members accessible in a novel, integrated electronic format.

A total of 1,531 individuals are represented, from the founders of the club in 1847 through members elected in 1890, when the Century last occupied its East 15th Street clubhouse. Each member profile constitutes its own webpage, which typically displays the member’s life dates and places of birth, death, and burial; date of election and tenure of membership; a portrait from the club’s photo albums; and a memorial tribute. Archivist’s Notes provide additional context and information.

Just as these Centurions were closely associated in real life, their profile pages are richly interwoven. Hundreds of kinship notes and references in each other’s memorial texts are hyperlinked, as well as the proposers and seconders who initiated the candidacies of members.

CABA is a closed-ended database. Members elected after 1890 are generally not mentioned except in Archivist’s Notes or as bylines of memorial essays.

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