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Albert F. Bellows


Centurion, 1865–1883

Full Name Albert Fitch Bellows

Born 29 November 1829 in Milford, Massachusetts

Died 24 November 1883 in Auburndale, Massachusetts

Buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Massachusetts

Proposed by William Oliver Stone and Frederic E. Church

Elected 4 February 1865 at age thirty-five

Century Memorials

Mr. Champney made allusion in feeling terms to the decease of our late fellow member, Mr. A. F. Bellows, and offered the following Resolutions which were adopted.

Resolved, That in the death of Albert F. Bellows the Century Club mourns the loss of one whose quiet presence at its gatherings was always a delight, and whose many works shown from year to year in our gallery have been a constant source of pleasure that we shall greatly miss.

Resolved, that his pure minded uprightness, his broad charity, his sympathy with the progress of art in this country, his untiring kindness to those who desired counsel, his unfailing courtesy, have been prominent characteristics which in our intercourse with him have won the esteem of all.

Resolved, that Secretary be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to this widow as a testimony of the sincere sympathy we feel for the surviving members of his family.

Augustus R. Macdonough, Secretary
Monthly Meeting Minutes, 1 December 1883

The Club has lost by death during the year the unusually small number of five members. These are: Edwin D. Morgan, Gustav Schiff, John A. Graham, John H. Willard and Albert F. Bellows.

The memory of those among them whose frequent presence entitles them to be regarded and mourned almost as household friends, has been already honored by the Century in appropriate resolutions.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1884 Century Association Reports