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Gulian C. Verplanck

Lawyer/Public Official/Author

Centurion, 1847–1870

Full Name Gulian Crommelin Verplanck

Born 6 August 1786 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 18 March 1870 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Trinity Church Cemetery, Fishkill, New York

Proposed by N/A: Founder

Elected 13 January 1847 at age sixty

Archivist’s Note: President of the Century Association, 1857–1864. Grandfather-in-law of Samuel W. Johnson. After his death, a series of memorial addresses delivered at the clubhouse on 9 April 1870 by Henry W. Bellows, Charles P. Daly, Henry C. Dorr, John H. Gourlie, and Francis Vinton was subsequently published in book form (not yet reproduced on this website).

Century Memorial

And another there is—or was—if distinction of past or present may be made, where genius and fame are imperishable, as are those of Gulian C. Verplanck—sprung from a hardy and pure native stock, strongly framed and largely endowed in mind by nature, strenuous in labor, enriched with cultivation, ripened by manifold experience, he greatly closed in serene decline a life of wide and useful activity. Many of the highest hours of his mature day were given for our delight and improvement. Is it too fanciful to believe that his influence will still linger to mould the character of the Century—winning us to honor the liberal pursuits he loved—to imitate the impartial judgements of men and their deeds he formed, to aspire towards those lofty ideals of perfection in self and well doing for others to which his spirit was true. So may we justify the pride that regards him as our representative man—the exemplar of our highest possibilities, as he was once our crown and honor.

Augustus R. Macdonough
Annual Meeting Minutes, 14 January 1871