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Charles B. Foote


Centurion, 1896–1900

Full Name Charles Benjamin Foote

Born 6 September 1837 in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Died 20 September 1900 in Oceanic, New Jersey

Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, New Jersey

Proposed by Laurence Hutton and Beverly Chew

Elected 6 June 1896 at age fifty-eight

Century Memorial

Charles B. Foote was known in Wall Street for many years as a member of one of the most important and prominent firms there; an active and intelligent man of affairs, and was universally popular and admired for his personal qualities. His family connections were of the best, and his home was a centre of refinement and cultivation, where music, books and the company of accomplished and intellectual people were his great resources.

Misfortune in business affected his mind and health to such an extent that his efforts to reëstablish himself were unavailing, but rather brought upon him and his friends greater disaster and caused his pathetic end.

Henry E. Howland
1901 Century Association Yearbook