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Hughell Fosbroke

Dean, General Theological Seminary

Centurion, 1919–1957

Full Name Hughell Edgar Woodall Fosbroke

Born 5 April 1875 in Netherton, Worcestershire, England

Died 18 October 1957 in White Plains, New York

Proposed by David H. Greer and William T. Manning

Elected 1 November 1919 at age forty-four

Century Memorial

Hughell E. W. Fosbroke was born in England, the son of a clergyman who, after lay work in the London slums, became a missionary to Indian tribes in North America. Fosbroke prepared at the Shattuck School in Minnesota, and entered Harvard with the Class of 1897; but after two years he went to study at Nashotah House, a seminary at Nashotah, Wisconsin, and took a Bachelor of Divinity degree there in 1901. From that time, he was a teacher all the rest of his life.

He was ordained a priest of the Episcopal Church, and became an instructor in Hebrew at Nashotah. In 1909 he was appointed professor of history and religion of Israel at the Cambridge Theological School; and in 1917 he became Dean of the General Theological Seminary in New York. This position he filled till he retired about ten years ago. He gave general satisfaction as Dean, and he punctuated his daily round by serving as deputy at ecclesiastical conventions and taking part in the never-ending discussions of conduct and belief that arise in church circles. He was a gentle and moderate person, however—wise rather than bellicose—so that he was able to tread these dangerous precincts without accumulating the ill will ordinarily associated with them.

He was eighty-two years old.

George W. Martin
1958 Century Association Yearbook