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Ben Foster


Centurion, 1903–1926

Born 31 July 1852 in North Anson, Maine

Died 28 January 1926 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Sunset Cemetery, North Anson, Maine

Proposed by R. Swain Gifford and George Willoughby Maynard

Elected 2 May 1903 at age fifty

Century Memorial

The tranquil and lovable personality of Ben Foster made him quite as welcome a companion to his fellow-Centurions outside the field of art as to his brother artists. In his own calling he was more interested in the work of his friends than in his own. Professional envy or jealousy was unknown to him; he was, by the testimony of his fellow-artists, the man who could be depended on for fair, frank and sympathetic criticism of some one else’s unfinished picture, and the criticism always went to the heart of it. Foster’s own painting embodied his gentle outlook on life, his love of nature in her quiet moods. A dozen important prizes and medals won in artistic competition testified to the public appreciation of his work. One of his canvasses hangs in the Metropolitan, another in the Luxemburg.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1927 Century Association Yearbook