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George S. Fraser


Centurion, 1892–1896

Full Name George Smith Fraser

Born 26 December 1843 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 11 October 1896 in London, England

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by Horace W. Robbins, Augustine Smith, and Henry van Dyke

Elected 3 December 1892 at age forty-eight

Century Memorial

George C.[sic] Fraser, whose sudden death, in the prime of life, while traveling in England, brought a shock of deep sorrow to all who knew him, was a man whose friendly nature and cultivated tastes fitted him to enjoy and to enhance the privileges of intercourse which The Century affords. His honorable and upright career in active business was terminated, some years ago, by the failure of his health; but he endured a protracted and depressing illness with a cheerful fortitude which concealed the fact, and the extent of his sufferings from his associates, and he solaced his enforced leisure with the love of art and letters. Blameless in all the relations of life, loyal in his performance of duty, scrupulous in the observance of an almost old-fashioned code of courtesy, and sincere in his practice of that unostentatious benevolence which his faith inculcated, he well deserved, and bore with honor, the good name of an American gentleman. Death, which relieved him from a great burden of pain, deprived the friendly circle which knew and loved him of one whose genial presence will be sincerely missed, and whose life without reproach will be affectionately remembered.

Henry E. Howland
1897 Century Association Yearbook