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Sanford R. Gifford


Centurion, 1859–1880

Full Name Sanford Robinson Gifford

Born 10 July 1823 in Greenfield, New York

Died 29 August 1880 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Hudson City Cemetery, Hudson, New York

Proposed by John Frederick Kensett

Elected 4 June 1859 at age thirty-five

Archivist’s Note: After his death, a series of memorial addresses delivered at the clubhouse by Jervis McEntee, Edmund C. Stedman, Richard H. Stoddard, and John F. Weir was published as Gifford Memorial Meeting of the Century. Friday Evening, November 19, 1880.

Century Memorial

Whatever of fame may be won by profound study of the principles of an art, and poetic genius in illustrating them, whatever manliness and sincerity can do to gain respect, whatever love rewards gentle and constant sympathy, all these belonged to Gifford, and crown his memory among us.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1881 Century Association Reports