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Charles E. Grinnell


Centurion, 1915–1916

Full Name Charles Edward Grinnell

Born 7 May 1841 in Baltimore, Maryland

Died 1 February 1916 in Boston, Massachusetts

Buried Nemasket Hill Cemetery, Middleboro, Massachusetts

Proposed by E. S. Nadal and Arthur G. Sedgwick

Elected 3 April 1915 at age seventy-three

Century Memorial

Another man who recently had come among us was Charles Edward Grinnell of Boston. He graduated from Harvard in 1862, and to the end of his life was secretary of his class, a post requiring kindness and unselfishness. He was a lawyer, for many years Master in Chancery, at one time editor of the American Law Review, and the author of a number of interesting articles upon the trials of criminals. He was a genial man, who traveled the world over, learned to know the cities and the minds of men, finding everywhere his fellow man, and delighting in him. Late in life, with leisure on his hands and in his soul, he rather gravitated from Boston to the warmer atmosphere of The Century Club.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1917 Century Association Yearbook