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Frederic P. Gulliver


Centurion, 1909–1919

Full Name Frederic Putnam Gulliver

Born 30 August 1865 in Norwich, Connecticut

Died 8 February 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Buried Yantic Cemetery, Norwich, Connecticut

Proposed by William C. Gulliver and Edmund Otis Hovey

Elected 4 December 1909 at age forty-four

Archivist’s Note: Cousin of William C. Gulliver

Century Memorial

Frederick Putnam Gulliver devoted his life to the study and teaching of science. Graduated at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an investigator under a traveling fellowship of Harvard, a student at the Universities of Berlin and Vienna, for five years topographer of the United States Geological Survey, he brought to his work in the education of others a full mind and a ripe experience. He had been a non-resident member of the Century during the past decade.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1920 Century Association Yearbook