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Winston H. Hagen


Centurion, 1900–1918

Full Name Winston Henry Hagen

Born 18 September 1859 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Died 1 February 1918 in New York (Brooklyn), New York

Buried Washington Cemetery on the Green, Washington, Connecticut

Proposed by Frederick W. Whitridge and Frank J. Goodnow

Elected 3 March 1900 at age forty

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Winston Henry Hagen was a lawyer by profession and a book collector by choice and avocation. No one who knew him could miss the charm of his delight in his work as amateur, coupled with his frankness and simplicity of manner and his pleasure in all that was best in life. His collection of early editions of old English poetry was one of the rarest in this city. He was a collector, so wrote a fellow-Centurion when the unusual collection—ranging from a second Shakespeare folio to a Paradise Lost of 1667 and a Thackeray of 1848—was sold after his death, “because he was essentially a book lover and student of literature, and did not buy simply to add a rare item to his catalogue.”

Alexander Dana Noyes
1919 Century Association Yearbook