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Cyrus O. Baker


Centurion, 1891–1902

Full Name Cyrus Osborne Baker

Born 18 July 1831 in Darien, Georgia

Died 4 July 1902 in Newark, New Jersey

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, New Jersey

Proposed by Edmund C. Stedman and Thomas Moran

Elected 3 October 1891 at age sixty

Century Memorial

Cyrus Osborne Baker was one of the veterans of the army of business and finance in New York, though a resident of New Jersey. After experimenting in manufacturing and banking, he formed a brokerage firm, which he continued until his death at the age of seventy. He was a collector of pictures and rare books, and to him was dedicated the American Anthology of his fellow-Centurion, Mr. Stedman. He was, though a native of Georgia, one of the organizers of the Republican Party in New Jersey, and from the time of the famous Frémont campaign, its ardent and active supporter.

Edward Cary
1903 Century Association Yearbook