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Felix Adler

Professor of Ethics

Centurion, 1905–1933

Born 13 August 1851 in Alzey, Hessen, Germany

Died 24 April 1933 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hawthorne, New York

Proposed by Charles C. Burlingham and Algernon S. Frissell

Elected 1 April 1905 at age fifty-three

Century Memorial

No one could talk even casually with Felix Adler without the feeling of somehow having been in touch with a benignant spirit. Dr. Adler was a learned man, with an aptitude for acute observation and quiet humor. But his conversation, even on every-day topics, never failed to bring the mind unconsciously in contact with the higher things of life. There was no effort to turn the talk in such directions; it was the absence of moralizing, the freedom from any atmosphere of doctrine, which made the impression of personality more real. Even a brief exchange of views on the commonplaces left the mind of a companion in a kindlier disposition towards his fellow-men.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1934 Century Association Yearbook