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Charles A. Joy

Professor of Chemistry

Centurion, 1859–1891

Full Name Charles Arad Joy

Born 8 October 1823 in Ludlowville, New York

Died 29 May 1891 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Proposed by Wolcott Gibbs

Elected 4 June 1859 at age thirty-five

Proposer of:

Century Memorial

Charles Arad Joy was a scientist of high attainments and wide reputation. Thoroughly equipped by careful study at Berlin and Paris, he became a Professor of Chemistry at Union College, and afterwards at Columbia from 1857 until 1877. He was industrious in chemical researches, and a voluminous contributor to the American Journal of Science and Dana’s Mineralogy, and was for a time President of the Lyceum of Natural History, the editor of the Scientific American and of the Journal of Applied Science.

He has of late years lived a life of retirement at Stockbridge and abroad owing to impaired health, but his mental activity continued until the last.

Henry E. Howland
1892 Century Association Yearbook