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Frederick N. Judson


Centurion, 1912–1919

Full Name Frederick Newton Judson

Born 7 October 1845 in Saint Marys, Georgia

Died 18 October 1919 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Buried Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri

Proposed by George C. Holt and William B. Hornblower

Elected 1 June 1912 at age sixty-six

Century Memorial

Not only was Frederick Newton Judson a high authority on railway law, but he was so intimately familiar in a practical way with the problems of the railways (including their labor problem) that the country has reason to regret his death at this critical moment in our railway history. Residing during his active professional life in St. Louis, he had repeatedly been called on by the government for expert service. He investigated the Santa Fé rebate accusations in 1905; served as special government counsel in the Western rate cases of 1910; acted with the Congressional Committee of the same year in examining into methods of issuing railway securities, as mediator in the railway strike of 1912, and as a member of the government’s War Labor Board. He was a clear and forceful writer on taxation questions also. During his frequent visits to New York, Mr. Judson made the Century his home, and fellow-members who have sat beside him at the Club’s dinner-table will not forget his thoughtful and well-balanced judgment on the political questions of the day.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1920 Century Association Yearbook