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Francis Stewart Kershaw

Curator, Boston Museum of Art

Centurion, 1916–1930

Born 18 December 1869 in Columbus, Ohio

Died 28 January 1930 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Buried Saint Francis Chapel, Marlborough, New Hampshire

Proposed by Nelson S. Spencer and Byron S. Hurlbut

Elected 4 November 1916 at age forty-six

Century Memorial

Francis Stewart Kershaw had been a non-resident member of the Century since war-time. He was long a teacher, then served on the staff of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where his expert work in the department of Chinese pottery and porcelain won him wide recognition At his residence in Cambridge or his summer home at Marlboro, New Hampshire, he was a frequent entertainer of his friends. He was a well-read man, fond of his garden and flowers, and finding great enjoyment in reading aloud from good literature, which he did extremely well.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1931 Century Association Yearbook