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Camillus G. Kidder


Centurion, 1909–1921

Full Name Camillus George Kidder

Born 6 July 1850 in Baltimore, Maryland

Died 20 September 1921 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Hillside Cemetery, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Proposed by Joseph H. Choate and William Archer Purrington

Elected 6 November 1909 at age fifty-nine

Archivist’s Note: Father of Jerome F. Kidder; uncle of Henry Maynard Kidder

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Century Memorial

With Camillus George Kidder there left us one of the familiar links at the Century’s Saturday lunch-table and in the group at the Graham Library, much changed of recent years. It was his ready and humorous conversation, his inexhaustible fund of information, his delight in the friendly matching of opinions even where opinions disagreed, and his interest in listening as well as talking, which made him always a welcome addition to the circle. Mr. Kidder’s judgments on the law were well-considered and based upon long experience in active practice, back to the day when he achieved the rare summa cum laude at the Harvard Law School.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1922 Century Association Yearbook