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James Gore King


Centurion, 1905–1932

Born 6 June 1868 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 10 July 1932 in Chicago, Illinois

Buried Grace Episcopal Churchyard, Jamaica, New York

Proposed by Wheeler H. Peckham and James J. Higginson

Elected 4 February 1905 at age thirty-six

Archivist’s Note: Son of Edward King

Century Memorial

James Gore King was one of those citizens on whose practical judgment and executive capacity the city’s charitable, religious and social organizations lean. Himself an active and successful practicing lawyer, he lived up in his public service to the traditions of a distinguished ancestry, of which the outstanding figure was the celebrated Rufus King—signer of the Constitution, one of the two first United States senators from New York state, and twice numbered in the notable list of statesmen who represented the American Republic at the British court. The public service which is rendered by the participation of eminent professional men in the conducting of charitable enterprises has been of increasing public importance in these days of our own; it is a branch of civic loyalty whose importance to American society increases as time goes on.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1933 Century Association Yearbook