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John H. Latham


Centurion, 1891–1908

Full Name John Howard Latham

Born 18 May 1847 in Washington, District of Columbia

Died 15 May 1908 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut

Proposed by Walter Howe and John Ames Mitchell

Elected 4 April 1891 at age forty-three

Century Memorial

John Howard Latham was a distinguished representative of the men designated in our constitution as amateurs, a class far too small, since only by the appreciation, encouragement, and support of high-bred amateurs can the fine arts flourish or be sustained. He was born in Washington a little more than sixty years since, educated in Baltimore and, under his father in the national capital was trained in the skill and integrity, the delicate sense of honor and consideration which made his business and private life so fine. He came in his early years to New York, associated himself with critics and authors, cherished his artistic tastes and finally entered our circle, where he had been highly appreciated for seventeen years. His business relations as a banker were international, and his vision extended. His genial spirit and happy faculty for cheerfulness brought forth his abundant humor, made his conversation witty, and rendered his companionship a delight. To a small circle of very distinguished friends he gave himself fully, revealing a strength of character and a power of discrimination by which, discerning the right and despising the mean, he did manly service for humanity and justice, and for all things whatsoever that are of good repute.

William Milligan Sloane
1909 Century Association Yearbook