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Lawrence Barrett


Centurion, 1867–1891

Full Name Lawrence Patrick Barrett

Born 14 April 1838 in Paterson, New Jersey

Died 20 March 1891 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Cohasset Central Cemetery, Cohasset, Massachusetts

Proposed by Charles N. Fearing and Augustus R. Macdonough

Elected 2 February 1867 at age twenty-eight

Century Memorial

The loving memory of troops of friends clusters around the name of Lawrence Barrett, whose character and magnetic personality attracted them in his life-time, and has enshrined him in their hearts now that he has passed away.

His career was most honorable and interesting in its every stage. Without friends or aid at the start, he rose by his native ability, industry and ambition, to be one of the foremost figures upon the American stage. In every phase of his career as student, stock actor, manager and star, he gave pleasure and instruction to the public, and maintained to his associates the unvarying attitude of a generous friend and gentleman.

Success came to him in unbounded measure, attributable in some degree to the large-heartedness of a distinguished associate, but all who knew him rejoiced that it was deserved, and that it came to one whose aim had been so high and whose record was so pure.

Henry E. Howland
1892 Century Association Yearbook