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George de Forest Lord


Centurion, 1864–1892

Born 21 November 1833 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 3 March 1892 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by James C. Carter

Elected 6 February 1864 at age thirty

Archivist’s Note: He ostensibly resigned in 1864 and was reinstated in June 1882 with an unknown set of new proposers. Brother of Daniel D. Lord and James Couper Lord; nephew of H. G. De Forest; cousin of George B. de Forest,, Henry W. de Forest, Lockwood de Forest, Robert W. de Forest,, and L. DeF. Woodruff; uncle of Franklin B. Lord.

Supporter of:

Century Memorial

George DeForest Lord was an accomplished lawyer of the highest standing in his profession, and universally esteemed by all who knew him in every relation of life. Graduating at Yale College, in 1854, the second scholar in his class, he received his legal training at the Harvard Law School, and came to the bar in 1859, as a member of the firm founded by his father, Daniel Lord, one of the foremost, if not the first, of the commercial lawyers of his time. The son has proved a worthy successor of his father, and his career was a most honorable and successful one. Endowed with a clear and logical mind, and a courteous manner; frank and forcible in his arguments, and with a reputation for absolute integrity and high moral tone, he was admirably equipped for service in the profession he adorned. As a friend he was the most genial, sympathetic, and loyal of men; simple, frank, and impulsive as a boy, and with a flow of high spirits and good humor that made association with him delightful. He was happy in the devotion of troops of friends, whose affection for him was deep and sincere. His domestic life, in which he found his greatest pleasure, was ideal, and he has left behind him the memory of a Christian gentleman, full of good and generous deeds, and faithful and efficient in the performance of duty.

Henry E. Howland
1893 Century Association Yearbook