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Manton Marble


Centurion, 1862–1917

Full Name Manton Malone Marble

Born 16 November 1834 in Worcester, England

Died 24 July 1917 in Kent, England

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Proposed by Augustus R. Macdonough

Elected 4 April 1862 at age twenty-seven

Archivist’s Note: Father of Frank Marble

Century Memorial

We have lost three veterans, editors and leaders in the world of journalism. Manton Marble was editor and proprietor of the World during the Civil War and until 1876, when he sold his interest and retired. He had been upon the staff of the Boston Traveler and the New York Evening Post, before he joined the World in 1860 to become its proprietor and the director of its policy in 1862. That policy was one which subsequent opinion has not approved; but Marble was sincere in his opposition to the enlarged war powers of the Federal Executive and the exercise on the part of Congress of legislative functions in matters beyond the letter of the Constitution. In May, 1864, the publication of a lurid bogus presidential proclamation, foisted upon the World, caused the temporary suppression of that paper and the brief imprisonment of its editor; which evoked a remarkably able letter from Marble defending the innocence of his conduct. In 1885 he was sent abroad by President Cleveland to sound the European governments on the subject of bi-metallism. His clear advice to the President on his return aided the government’s decision to stop the free coinage of silver. Mr. Marble did not cease to be an influential writer upon politics when he relinquished the direction of the World. For the last twenty years, however, he had been living quietly in England.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1918 Century Association Yearbook