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Alfred Marshall Mayer


Centurion, 1872–1897

Born 13 November 1836 in Baltimore, Maryland

Died 13 July 1897 in South Orange, New Jersey

Buried Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, New Jersey

Proposed by Thomas Egleston and Ogden N. Rood

Elected 5 October 1872 at age thirty-five

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Century Memorial

Alfred Marshall Mayer was one of the most noted scientists of the country, and held the chair of physics in Stevens Institute at the time of his death, having been previously connected with the Pennsylvania College and Lehigh University in the same capacity. He was educated at St. Mary’s College, Baltimore, and at the University of Paris, and his researches led him to the solution of many of the problems of acoustics and sound that have baffled other investigators. He discovered the auditory apparatus of the mosquito; and was the first to notice many physical characteristics and peculiarities in the human ear for the reception of sound. His works hold the highest place in scientific literature, and his inventions of machines and apparatus essential to the physician were numerous and valuable. He was a noted sportsman and wrote enthusiastically of his favorite recreation. He was earnest and thoughtful, but keenly alive to all that makes life worth the living.

Henry E. Howland
1898 Century Association Yearbook