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Augustus C. Merriam

Professor of Greek

Centurion, 1890–1895

Full Name Augustus Chapman Merriam

Born 30 May 1843 in Leyden, New York

Died 19 January 1895 in Athens, Greece

Buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Port Leyden, New York

Proposed by J. Howard Van Amringe and Henry Drisler

Elected 7 June 1890 at age forty-seven

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Augustus C. Merriam, Professor of Greek Archæology and Epigraphy in Columbia College, was one of the ripest of American scholars, who passed away in the fullness of his powers, and while the promise of brilliant work in his chosen field was bright before him. His contributions to classical literature were numerous, and were distinguished by thoroughness of scholarship and exactness of method. Modesty and merit were equally allied in him, to which were added a kindliness of heart, and a simplicity and dignity of manner, which won for him general respect and esteem. He died at Athens, on the spot most loved by him, while engaged in discoveries which had already given him renown, and in which his work gave him assurance of further distinction.

Henry E. Howland
1896 Century Association Yearbook