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Robert D. Nesmith


Centurion, 1876–1880

Full Name Robert Dillon Nesmith

Born 9 November 1838 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 28 December 1880 in Paris, France

Proposed by Hooper C. Van Vorst and J. Howard Van Amringe

Elected 5 November 1876 at age thirty-seven

Century Memorial

The list of the latter [deceased members] contains the names of the Rev. Drs. Adams, Osgood and Chapin, besides those of Elliot C. Cowdin, William E. Curtis, Dudley Field, William B. Hoffman, Richard E. Mount, Albert J. Meyer, Charles D. Gambrill, Sanford R. Gifford, Marshall O. Roberts and R. D. Nesmith.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1881 Century Association Reports