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Edward T. Newell


Centurion, 1922–1941

Full Name Edward Theodore Newell

Born 15 January 1886 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Died 18 February 1941 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by George F. Kunz and William Gilman Thompson

Elected 4 February 1922 at age thirty-six

Century Memorial

While a student at Yale, where he received the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Arts, Edward Theodore Newell became fascinated with numismatics, in which he was absorbed for the rest of his life. He won international recognition for his mastery in this field. He received from the Royal Numismatic Society the medal for distinguished service in numismatic research. He was a foremost authority on Greek coins, and had a thorough knowledge of other ancient coinages. He wrote many articles and books on his subject. During his twenty-five years’ presidency of the American Numismatic Society, its museum became generally recognized for the excellence of its collections. He served as trustee of the Museum of French Art and as treasurer of the Huntington, L. I., Public Library. He was commissioned during the first World War in the Intelligence Division of the Army.

Geoffrey Parsons
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