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Enoch Wood Perry


Centurion, 1868–1915

Full Name Enoch Wood Perry Jr.

Born 31 July 1831 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died 14 December 1915 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Proposed by Launt Thompson

Elected 7 March 1868 at age thirty-six

Century Memorial

Almost as venerable in years, and equally delightful in temper, was Enoch Wood Perry, an artist who painted the portraits of Grant and Jefferson Davis before the Civil War. He had been Consul in Venice, and returned to this country in 1860, and it fell to him to render the features of many famous men. Here in New York for decades he was known and loved not merely as a painter, but as a friend of art and all the artists, and the best of good fellows. He was active in art movements, and worked efficiently to improve the instruction at the Academy, and to establish the free Arts School at Cooper Union. He was an Academician and a member of the Water Color Society, and one of the organizers of The Artists’ Aid.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1916 Century Association Yearbook