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Charles Cook Ransom


Centurion, 1906–1910

Born 1 August 1860 in Richfield Springs, New York

Died 13 December 1910 in Utica, New York

Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Richfield Springs, New York

Proposed by William K. Otis and George E. Brewer

Elected 1 December 1906 at age forty-six

Century Memorial

Charles Cook Ransom had made himself in the medical world an authority on gout and rheumatism. To his friends in a very quiet, unostentatious fashion, he was known as representative of that which is best in his profession. Dr. Ransom spent his life in helping others and what station of life they were in mattered not at all to him. This it is which all Centurions most admire and which they would fain have as their own characteristic record. Dr. Ransom was ever welcome here, and all who knew him gladly counted themselves his friends.

George William Knox
1911 Century Association Yearbook