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Andrew V. V. Raymond

President, Union College

Centurion, 1897–1918

Full Name Andrew Van Vranken Raymond

Born 8 August 1854 in Vischer Ferry, New York

Died 5 April 1918 in Tryon, North Carolina

Buried Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, New York

Proposed by Charles E. Merrill and William H. Thomson

Elected 4 December 1897 at age forty-three

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Dr. Andrew Van Vranken Raymond was for thirteen years president of Union College, his Alma Mater, to the charge of which he was called from his Albany pastorate in 1894. Relinquishing that responsibility in 1907, he returned to the useful pastoral work of his earlier years.

Dr. Raymond undertook reluctantly the task of rehabitating, in 1894, the morale of Union College. He had, he said to the trustees, “no special preparation.” But he threw himself into the task of bringing into up-to-date condition both the faculty and the finances of the institution, and after a long and, for him, an arduous struggle, the task was done. As president, Dr. Raymond conducted the public ceremonies of the college with dignity and charm and gave distinction to his office.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1919 Century Association Yearbook