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George Lansing Raymond


Centurion, 1891–1929

Born 3 September 1839 in Chicago, Illinois

Died 11 July 1929 in Washington, District of Columbia

Buried Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

Proposed by William Milligan Sloane and Henry van Dyke

Elected 3 October 1891 at age fifty-two

Century Memorial

George Lansing Raymond began active life as a clergyman in a Pennsylvania village; then, giving up his parish work, he accepted the chair of oratory and æsthetics successively at Williams College, Princeton and the George Washington University. Raymond was an extraordinarily industrious and versatile author; his twenty-seven published books ranged in character all the way from “Ballads and Other Poems” and “Poetry as a Representative Art,” (the latter publication being distinctly Raymond’s bestseller) to “The Fundamentals of Education” and “Suggestions for the Spiritual Life.” His poems gave evidence of thought and of literary form, but they seemed to lack inspiration, and never secured any great attention from the reviewers or from the book-buying public.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1930 Century Association Yearbook