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George Richards


Centurion, 1910–1930

Born 23 March 1849 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died 24 May 1930 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried East Cemetery, Litchfield, Connecticut

Proposed by William B. Hornblower and Howard Mansfield

Elected 5 November 1910 at age sixty-one

Archivist’s Note: Brother of William R. Richards

Century Memorial

George Richards was a high authority on insurance law; his lectures on the subject were part of the course at the two New York law schools and his text-book on it is standard authority. He had practiced law in New York City for more than half a century. Like many other professional celebrities, he had a longer background of his own; he played four years on the Yale base-ball team from 1868 to 1872, sang on the college glee club and was one of the “Yale Lit” editors.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1931 Century Association Yearbook