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Daniel G. Rollins


Centurion, 1894–1897

Full Name Daniel Gustavus Rollins

Born 18 October 1842 in Great Falls, New Hampshire

Died 30 August 1897 in Somersworth, New Hampshire

Buried Forest Glade Cemetery, Somersworth, New Hampshire

Proposed by Joseph H. Choate, Cornelius N. Bliss, and Brayton Ives

Elected 2 June 1894 at age fifty-one

Century Memorial

Daniel G. Rollins came of a distinguished New Hampshire family, and, like many other men of New England, with ability and ambition for distinction, after a brief experience in other localities, gravitated to New York, where, at a comparatively early age, he won high distinction at the Bar. His service in the United States District Attorney’s office under several administrations, and as District Attorney for the City and County of New York, gave him an extended and well-deserved reputation as a vigilant and successful prosecutor; and his administration of his office of Surrogate of the County of New York showed him possessed of those rare qualities which should characterize judicial station. He was firm, fearless, impartial, wonderfully industrious, endowed with great capacity for work, and a clear intelligence and rare ability for the discharge of his duty. A genial disposition, a keen sense of humor, and a warm, generous nature, brought him hosts of friends, to whom his untimely death, when his powers were in full development, and his success as a leading lawyer was assured, was a source of the deepest regret.

Henry E. Howland
1898 Century Association Yearbook