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Montgomery Roosevelt Schuyler

Sportsman/Importer of Spirits

Centurion, 1880–1924

Born 18 February 1845 in Buffalo, New York

Died 1 January 1924 in Nyack, New York

Buried Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, New York

Proposed by James A. Roosevelt and Homer D. Martin

Elected 1 May 1880 at age thirty-five

Archivist’s Note: Son-in-law of James A. Roosevelt; brother-in-law of Alfred Roosevelt and W. Emlen Roosevelt

Century Memorial

Montgomery Roosevelt Schuyler was a well-known sportsman, a breeder of fast horses and a designer of fast yachts. He was a member of one of our oldest New York families.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1924 Century Association Yearbook