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Robert Livingston Schuyler

Professor of History

Centurion, 1922–1966

Born 26 February 1883 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 15 August 1966 in Rochester, New York

Proposed by William A. Dunning and Henry Holt

Elected 1 April 1922 at age thirty-nine

Archivist’s Note: Son of Montgomery Schuyler; brother of Montgomery Schuyler

Century Memorial

When he retired in 1951, Professor Bob Schuyler’s teaching career had extended to forty-five years. His specialty was history of the British Empire and British constitutional history. His knowledge and understanding of all British institutions led many students of government to consult him. During his professorship at Columbia, he was a center of information for all students who were preparing theses in the realm of political science.

Robert Livingston Schuyler was born in New York in 1883. He took his bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in 1903 and his master’s the following year. For five years he taught at Yale, joined the Columbia history faculty in 1910, and became a full professor fourteen years later. Upon his retirement, he was Gouverneur Morris Professor of History. He was formerly president of both the American Historical Association and the New York State Historical Association. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain. He is the author of The Fall of the Old Colonial System and The Making of English History.

A member of an old and renowned New York family, Schuyler was also associated with two Century dynasties, the Schuylers and the Livingstons. He was a Centurion for more than half his life.

Roger Burlingame
1967 Century Association Yearbook