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Justin Harvey Smith

Professor of Modern History

Centurion, 1902–1930

Born 13 January 1857 in Boscawen, New Hampshire

Died 21 March 1930 in New York (Brooklyn), New York

Buried Plains Cemetery, Boscawen, New Hampshire

Proposed by George A. Plimpton and Henry Alfred Todd

Elected 1 March 1902 at age forty-five

Century Memorial

Justin Harvey Smith was a historian of distinction, even if his work is not well known to most Centurions. His “War with Mexico” received the Pulitzer prize of 1920 for the year’s best work in American history, and to this was added the first Loubat prize. This was only one of Dr. Smith’s books on American history, among which were “Canada and the American Revolution,” “Arnold’s March from Cambridge to Quebec” and “The Annexation of Texas.” He had tried his hand at college instruction, occupying for nearly a decade the chair of modern history at Dartmouth, where, in his own collegiate course he was said to have achieved highest rank ever won by an undergraduate. But travel, historical investigation and writing occupied all his time and thought in later years.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1931 Century Association Yearbook