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Henry F. Spaulding

Merchant (Dry Goods)/Banker/Trustee

Centurion, 1875–1893

Full Name Henry Foster Spaulding

Born 24 April 1817 in Brandon, Vermont

Died 17 July 1893 in New York (Bronx), New York

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by Richard Butler, Joseph H. Choate, and William H. Appleton

Elected 5 June 1875 at age fifty-eight

Century Memorial

Another such generous hearted man was Henry F. Spaulding. One of the most modest and unassuming of the old merchants and financiers of the city, who passed away, at a ripe age, it is true, but all too soon for the good of the community which he served so well and where he was so much loved and respected. He was a type of the best men whom New England has contributed to the business life of New York; coming here a young man, from the hills of Vermont over fifty years ago, his career as a merchant, as the head of and as trustee of large financial institutions, was prosperous, honorable and able from the beginning to the end. He was public spirited to a remarkable degree, and always ready with purse and influence to aid a worthy cause. He was especially interested in the Home for Incurables; was a member of its Executive Committee from its foundation, and ultimately its President; and he devoted to it a personal care and oversight which extended to the comfort of the individual patients. His interest in the erection of our new Club House was very great; and to his wise counsel and financial aid the happy result was largely attributable. The fine bronze eagle, which adorns the main hall, was his gift, the crowning success of the work. His quiet sense of humor made him a delightful companion. His sagacity impressed itself upon all who knew him; his gentleness and kindness were the accompaniments through a long life of generous and gracious deeds, so unostentatious that no one but the recipients of his bounty knew of its bestowal. He was an earnest Christian, a loyal, faithful friend, and an ornament to our membership. It will be many long years before his quaint and genial face, and his gracious, kindly presence will fade from our memory.

Henry E. Howland
1894 Century Association Yearbook