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George David Stewart


Centurion, 1909–1933

Born 28 December 1862 in Malagash, Nova Scotia, Canada

Died 9 March 1933 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Emmanuel Church Cemetery, Great River, New York

Proposed by William Chittenden Lusk and Edward L. Burlingame

Elected 6 March 1909 at age forty-six

Century Memorial

In the medical profession of this city, Dr. George David Stewart was in many ways a commanding figure. Quite aside from professional achievement his practical wisdom and tactful energy, with a background of culture and humorous expression, ensured the success which attended his executive responsibilities. During nearly forty years he was a driving power in promoting the interests of the Academy of Medicine, which conferred on him the unusual distinction, for that organization, of electing him to its presidency during three successive terms.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1934 Century Association Yearbook