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Julian Street


Centurion, 1919–1947

Full Name Julian Leonard Street

Born 12 April 1879 in Chicago, Illinois

Died 19 February 1947 in Lakeville, Connecticut

Buried Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

Proposed by Edwin Lefevre and Lawrence F. Abbott

Elected 6 December 1919 at age forty

Archivist’s Note: Father of Julian Street Jr.

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Julian Street. [Born] 1879. Writer, oenophile.

For nearly thirty years he travelled in the United States, in Japan, and in Europe and recorded his impressions in magazine articles and books which entertained, interested, and informed his countrymen. One book was about his friend, Centurion Theodore Roosevelt.

Wines, especially those of France, as a felicitous accompaniment of civilized living, drew his interest from young manhood, and in later years were the subject of much of his writing. He received the Cross of the Legion of Honor in recognition of his works on wines and gastronomy.

Ease and taste dwelt in his writing as in his conversation, and in both there shone humor and a pleasant wit. He was a gentle man yet, stirred by a cause, his words struck fire. His letters are treasured. Books were his companions. His friendships were many and warm. He loved and was proud of the Century. A year ago his memorial to Booth Tarkington was read here. He, with that oldest of his friends, belonged in the world of modest, warmhearted men—a bygone age that with him has passed into legend.

Source: Henry Allen Moe Papers, Mss.B.M722. Reproduced by permission of American Philosophical Society Library & Museum, Philadelphia

Henry Allen Moe
Henry Allen Moe Papers, 1947 Memorials