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Henry H. Vail


Centurion, 1906–1925

Full Name Henry Hobart Vail

Born 27 May 1839 in Pomfret, Vermont

Died 2 September 1925 in Woodstock, Vermont

Buried Riverside Cemetery, Woodstock, Vermont

Proposed by William W. Appleton and Henry B. Barnes

Elected 2 June 1906 at age sixty-seven

Century Memorial

Henry Hobart Vail will be remembered largely for his school-books; some of those planned by him having claimed a sale of 1,200,000 copies annually. His active work as publisher and editor had extended over more than half a century, in the West and then as vice-president of the American Book Company in the East. In 1864 he went to the front with the 131st Ohio.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1926 Century Association Yearbook