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Carr V. Van Anda


Centurion, 1920–1945

Full Name Carr Vattal Van Anda

Born 2 December 1864 in Georgetown, Ohio

Died 28 January 1945 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky

Proposed by Charles R. Miller and Robert Underwood Johnson

Elected 6 November 1920 at age fifty-five

Century Memorial

Carr Vattel Van Anda. [Born] 1864. Newspaper man.

Managing Editor of “The New York Times” for twenty-one years and one of the great news editors of all time. He doubted an Einstein figure as it came over the telegraph wire and that scholar conceded that there had been a slip. He questioned a decipherment of a set of Egyptian hieroglyphs relating to Tut-ankh-Amen’s genealogy, and the British Museum changed their translation to conform to his views of it. He could tell you Babe Ruth’s batting average for any year that interested you: in fact, it seems he knew everything. He had a genius for organization in news gathering, marvelous appreciation of news value, and fidelity and fairness and thoroughness in its expression. He was a legend in his lifetime and long will remain one.

Source: Henry Allen Moe Papers, Mss.B.M722. Reproduced by permission of American Philosophical Society Library & Museum, Philadelphia

Henry Allen Moe
Henry Allen Moe Papers, 1945 Memorials