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Marvin R. Vincent

Professor, Union Theological Seminary

Centurion, 1878–1922

Full Name Marvin Richardson Vincent

Born 11 September 1834 in Poughkeepsie, New York

Died 18 August 1922 in New York (Queens), New York

Buried Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, Poughkeepsie, New York

Proposed by Benjamin F. Butler and Worthington Whittredge

Elected 2 February 1878 at age forty-three

Century Memorial

During the unusually long period of thirty-five consecutive years, Marvin Richardson Vincent had filled the chair of New Testament exegesis and criticism at Union Theological Seminary; his full term of association with the institution stretching over nearly half a century. His work in Biblical criticism began much further back, his first publication in that field bearing date 1860, followed by twenty or thirty other publications of the same or kindred nature. He was a trustee of the Seminary during fourteen years and of Columbia University for twenty-four years. During all this time he was a preacher of distinction at the Church of the Covenant. A man of wide and varied culture, in his prime an uncommonly agreeable companion, endowed in large measure with the gifts of humor and good-fellowship, Dr. Vincent was a familiar figure in the Century a generation ago and a member of its Admissions Committee.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1923 Century Association Yearbook