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Alexander H. Vinton


Centurion, 1898–1911

Full Name Alexander Hamilton Vinton

Born 30 March 1852 in New York (Brooklyn), New York

Died 18 January 1911 in Springfield, Massachusetts

Buried Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island

Proposed by George S. Greene and Henry Codman Potter

Elected 3 December 1898 at age forty-six

Century Memorial

To-night The Century honors those who died last year. The first of these remembered names is that of Henry Burr Barnes, a metropolitan publisher from the year of his graduation at Yale in 1866. Quickly there followed him Alexander H. Vinton, Bishop of Western Massachusetts, a man of broad and kindly interests. Then came the sudden death of Commander Frank Marble, the son of our old Centurion Manton Marble, and the very type of the modern scientific naval officer. He commanded the forward turret of the Flagship New York at Santiago; he was naval attaché at the American Embassy in Tokyo during the Russian-Japanese War; from 1903 to 1905, he was Secretary to the General Board then engaged on the reorganization of the Navy; still more recently under his command the Vermont won the pennant for gunnery; and at the time of his death he was compiling the Digest of International Law Problems for the Navy.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1912 Century Association Yearbook