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Roberts Walker

President, Rhode Island Railroad

Centurion, 1912–1926

Born 24 August 1874 in Rutland, Vermont

Died 22 December 1926 in Greenburgh, New York

Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, Vermont

Proposed by Frederic B. Jennings and George Montague Swift

Elected 4 May 1912 at age thirty-seven

Archivist’s Note: Son of Aldace F. Walker

Century Memorial

Roberts Walker was a familiar figure in the Club, a constant attendant at the side table in the dining room where a knot of Centurions gathered for luncheon. He had served on many of the Club’s committees, where his agreeable personality and sound judgment of men and affairs made his participation always useful. Walker inherited from his father [Aldace F. Walker], one of the first Interstate Commerce Commissioners, his taste for railway administration; he stepped rapidly from general law practice to the successive posts of assistant counsel to the Rock Island Company, of general counsel and finally of chairman of its executive committee.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1927 Century Association Yearbook