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Manning C. Wells


Centurion, 1887–1897

Full Name Manning Case Wells

Born 21 December 1837 in Buffalo, New York

Died 19 October 1897 in Canandaigua, New York

Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua, New York

Proposed by William W. Parkin and Francis M. Weld

Elected 4 June 1887 at age forty-nine

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Manning C. Wells had not an extensive acquaintance in the Club probably, but those who knew him had the highest regard for him and appreciated his sterling qualities. A graduate of Yale, he practised law in the South until the breaking out of the war. Since then he has pursued his profession in Canandaigua and New York City. He was a thoroughly educated lawyer, and a man of the highest literary culture, which caused his opinions to be sought for and respected by authors of high reputation. His correspondence and conversation with his friends showed him to be a man of deep thought, excellent judgment, keen wit, and capable of a high appreciation of excellence in others. He was a true and loyal friend, constant to his ideals, and one of whom nothing but good could be spoken.

Henry E. Howland
1898 Century Association Yearbook