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Warring Wilkinson

Educator, Institute for the Deaf

Centurion, 1864–1918

Born 25 May 1834 in Charlton, New York

Died 7 April 1918 in Berkeley, California

Proposed by Charles A. Joy, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, and Edward A. Stansbury

Elected 12 November 1864 at age thirty

Century Memorial

Warring Wilkinson gave his life to relieving the affliction of the deaf and blind. In his earlier years he taught in the New York Institute for the Deaf, then became head of the California Institute for the Deaf and Blind. His eminence in this work was witnessed by the selection of him to represent the United States at international conferences on this great work. Although separated during many years by a distant residence from his old New York affiliations, he treasured to his last days the memory of his Century Club companionships, and kept alive his interest in its members and traditions.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1919 Century Association Yearbook