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Edward F. Winslow

Railroad Officer

Centurion, 1883–1914

Full Name Edward Francis Winslow

Born 28 September 1837 in Augusta, Maine

Died 22 October 1914 in Canandaigua, New York

Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua, New York

Proposed by Isaac Newton and Augustus R. Macdonough

Elected 5 May 1883 at age forty-five

Century Memorial

The career of General Ives is matched by that of Edward Francis Winslow, who at the age of twenty-seven, was brevetted brigadier-general for gallant service. He was born in Augusta, Maine, and entered the Army at the outbreak of the war as Captain in the 4th Iowa Cavalry, of which he became the Colonel. In Sherman’s march to the sea, he bore an important cavalry command. At the close of the war, he began an equally successful career of railroad construction, and before he retired from business had been president of a number of railroads. Of late years, General Winslow and his wife were prominent figures in the social life of the American colony in Paris.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1915 Century Association Yearbook