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Henry R. Winthrop


Centurion, 1858–1896

Full Name Henry Rogers Winthrop

Born 31 January 1811 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 23 October 1896 in New York (Queens), New York

Buried Saint John’s and Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Cemetery, Stamford, Connecticut

Proposed by Henry C. Dorr

Elected 9 January 1858 at age forty-six

Archivist’s Note: Father of Buchanan Winthrop

Century Memorial

The name of Henry R. Winthrop will recall to those of the elder generation a gentleman of the old school, who inherited from an honored ancestry those qualities which made him distinguished by the force of his personal character; which, added to great ability, solid learning and accomplishments, gave him a high position in the best circles of professional and social life in the city. His life was consistent in principle, conspicuous in kindly offices, dignified and elevated. The possession of an ample fortune rendered active participation in business unnecessary, but he was an earnest supporter of all worthy public movements, and efficient and active in the establishment and maintenance of those institutions which tend to elevate and benefit the public. His life, prolonged to a serene old age, was worthy of the respect and imitation of those succeeding him.

Henry E. Howland
1897 Century Association Yearbook