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George R. Carpenter

Professor of English Composition and Rhetoric

Centurion, 1898–1909

Full Name George Rice Carpenter

Born 25 October 1863 in Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Died 8 April 1909 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Phillips Academy Cemetery, Andover, Massachusetts

Proposed by Edmund C. Stedman and Frederick R. Hutton

Elected 5 November 1898 at age thirty-five

Century Memorial

George Rice Carpenter was only forty-six [sic: forty-five] when he ceased from his exhausting activities. For eleven years he had come and gone among us, genial, smiling, inspiring. He was the son of a missionary and born in Labrador, was a graduate of Harvard, studied in Berlin and Paris, returned to be instructor in Harvard, professor of English in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and later in Columbia. He was a writer of eminence as well as a teacher of renown, and three volumes of permanent value bear his name. His personal charm was great and he enjoyed the devoted friendship of many elect men. Only his colleagues can know, however, the scope of his devoted life, the warfare he waged for the manner and the matter of both education and learning, the passion for progress which consumed him, the unselfishness and courage with which he flung himself into the fray when the fight was hottest. His short life was intense in the service of his profession, he died on the field of battle.

William Milligan Sloane
1910 Century Association Yearbook