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Walter B. Chambers


Centurion, 1892–1945

Full Name Walter Boughton Chambers

Born 15 September 1866 in New York (Brooklyn), New York

Died 19 April 1945 in New York (Bronx), New York

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by William P. Chambers, Edmund C. Stedman, and Richard Morris Hunt

Elected 5 March 1892 at age twenty-five

Archivist’s Note: Son of William P. Chambers; brother of Robert W. Chambers

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Walter Boughton Chambers. [Born] 1866. Architect.

For fifty-three years a devoted Centurion; second in length of membership on this memorial roll [of 1945 decedents]. Gold-medalist of the American Institute of Architects and of the Fifth Avenue Association for notable buildings. Restorer of General Washington’s Headquarters at Dobbs Ferry; designer of the International Mercantile Marine Company’s building at historic No. 1 Broadway, for which he received the New York City Downtown Association’s award in 1922; architect of two halls at Yale and of a group of seven buildings at Colgate University. He was the very beau-ideal, in manners and appearance, of an architect.

Source: Henry Allen Moe Papers, Mss.B.M722. Reproduced by permission of American Philosophical Society Library & Museum, Philadelphia

Henry Allen Moe
Henry Allen Moe Papers, 1945 Memorials