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Edward Mortimer Chapman


Centurion, 1922–1952

Born 27 September 1862 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Died 25 May 1952 in New London, Connecticut

Buried Cypress Cemetery, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Proposed by Henry Holt and Alexander Lambert

Elected 3 June 1922 at age fifty-nine

Century Memorial

The Reverend Edward M. Chapman graduated from Yale in 1884 and from the Yale Divinity School in 1890. From the beginning he was destined for the ministry, and he was an enthusiastic teacher.

For ten years he was lecturer in biblical literature at Connecticut College, and at times he was on the preaching staff at Yale and at Princeton. He wrote articles for the Yale Review, The Hibbert Journal, and the old Youth’s Companion. The influence of religion on the young was a matter of intense interest to him, and he labored diligently in that field.

Nearly all his life he lived next the salt water, and he was a first-class sailor and an informed and tireless fisherman. He speaks of his father’s oldest brother, for whom he had a great affection: “Uncle George took me fishing when I was far too young to go alone; and I took him when he was too old. A light went out on my horizon when he died.”

Chapman was a consecrated vessel—kindly, simple, and wholly New England.

George W. Martin
1953 Century Association Yearbook